Signing and witnessing a last will and testament while in isolation

If you are self isolating you can execute your will by using practical measures to reduce your risk and the risk of those around you.  Make sure that you remain socially distanced.  Keep yourself and your witnesses safe.

The main thing is that your witnesses are able to see you and each other sign the will and also sign and enter their details on the will i.e. the formalities for executing the will remain the same.

The first tip is for you and your witnesses to bring your own pens to sign the will.

If you are self isolating you can consider the following:

1. Execute the will through a window at your home. The witnesses can see you sign the will through the window. You can then put the will on the window sill and the witnesses can come and collect it and enter their details as required.

2. Execute the will over the garden gate. Again, the witnesses should see you sign the will. You can go and put the will on the garden wall. The witnesses can come and enter their details then leave it on the wall for you to collect.

3. Execute the will through a car window. Again, execute the will so the witnesses can see. Put the will on the car bonnet/ roof and ensure the windows & doors are shut. The witnesses can get the will and enter their details as witnesses.

Safety is the first priority.  Make sure that you do not expose yourself or the witnesses to any danger.

It is possible to witness a will over a video link.  Please read our guidance and the government guidance on this and use this option only as a very last resort.