Funeral arrangements

You can set out what you would like to happen when you die in your will.  Make sure that you tell your Executors and those closest to you of your wishes.  Don’t leave it in the will alone. Sometimes a will is not found until after the funeral has taken place.

Typically people talk about the following in their funeral arrangements:

  • Funeral venue;
  • Final resting place (e.g. burial location or ashes scattered);
  • Funeral particulars including readings and songs;
  • Flowers and/or charitable collections in memory.

In your funeral wishes you can say where you want your funeral ceremony to take place. Whether you want to be buried or cremated.  Any burial or scattering instructions.  Any specific wishes such as readings, arrangements for a wake, music to be heard and so on.

You can also set out details of any pre-paid funeral plan [LINK:/funeral-plans] you have purchased.  Again, make sure you tell your family and executors about this.