Letters of wishes

If you want to express a wish that isn’t intended to be legally binding then you can make a Letter of Wishes.  These can be made for reasons as diverse as protecting your wishes, setting out what’s in your estate to help your Executors with a list of assets or to explain difficult decisions you’ve had to make.

There is no strict legal form for a Letter of Wishes.  You can use any typical layout for a letter (if you need inspiration look at templates on Google or Microsoft Word). The letter can be type-written or hand-written.

It is very important that you do not attach the Letter of Wishes to your will in any way.  Do not staple, paperclip, stick, glue or attach the letter to the will.  Simply leave it with the will so that it is found at the same time as the will.

If you attach the letter to the will this could lead to the Courts rejecting your will and your wishes will not be carried out.  Your estate could be treated as though it is Intestate.