How to store a will

Safe storage of your will is critical.  If a will can’t be found then your wishes almost certainly won’t be carried out.

A will should be placed somewhere it is safe and also where it can be found.  You should tell your executors where you have stored the will.  If you have a fireproof container that is in an area safe from flooding in your home you can store it there.  Beware of lockable containers such as safes.  If the executor does not know the will is there or how to access the will then it is as good as lost.

Also, avoid bank safe deposit boxes.  These can often only be accessed once Probate is granted.  You cannot get Probate without the original will.  This creates a circular paradox meaning your will may not be recovered without a lot of hassle, cost and stress.

For your peace of mind we have partnered with the National Will Safe.  They provide a fire and flood proof storage solution for an annual fee.  As part of their service they will register the will with Certainty, the National Will Register.  They will also ensure that the will is posted to you whenever you want it e.g. to check it or update your will.  Each time they do this they will also supply a freepost secure return envelope.