Mirror wills, pairs of wills and mutual wills

Our online wills service prepares mirror wills and pairs of wills.  We do not provide mutual wills.

Mirror wills

These are a pair of wills, typically made by a couple, where the wishes in each will reflect one another.  For example a couple may want their estate to go to each other, then to their children on the death of the second.  Mirror wills would have similar arrangements in each will.  The executors and beneficiaries tend to be the same but mirrored.

Pair of wills

Any two wills made together can be purchased from our website as a pair of wills. We don’t require people doing this to have similar wishes.  We see friends, siblings and parents with adult children making pairs of wills.

Mutual wills

Mutual wills are wills that seek to bind or limit the future actions of each other.  For example, they could seek to ensure that a widowed spouse who enters another relationship does not leave any wealth gained from the deceased to their new partner or children.  They are suitable in some cases but they are very difficult to properly prepare and the trusts they create can be expensive to maintain.  They also lead to a lot of arguments and court cases in the future.  Our service does not provide mutual wills.  Many traditional high street solicitors also choose not to prepare these because of the complexity and risk.  If you need mutual wills we would suggest you search for a specialist solicitor who is willing and capable of doing this.  Find a traditional face to face solicitor.