Digilegal trustees promise

The Digilegal Trustees Promise is that if another executor or the beneficiaries say that they would rather proceed without us as professional executor we will step aside.  We will do this with no arguments and no additional fees.

If this happens at the outset we we won’t charge anything to the estate at all.

If you have appointed us alongside another executor we will respect the wishes of the other executor.  If you have appointed us as the sole executor then if all the beneficiaries say that they do not want us to act then we will respect their wishes too.

Sometimes people ask us to stop acting and then change their mind when they realise how complicated and time consuming being executor can be.  They are always welcome to get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help in these circumstances.

We offer this Promise alongside other benefits to the beneficiaries such as our transparent and fixed pricing structure.