How to update a will

Everyone should check their wills to make sure they review their wills every 3 to 5 years or following a major life change (marriage, civil partnership, moving house, children, grandchildren, divorce [LINK:/divorce-will], bereavement).  If necessary you should update your will.

There are two ways to update your will. Either make a new will or you can go to a solicitor to draft a “codicil”.

We do not provide codicils online because (a) if you have a Lifetime Updates account it is much quicker to make a new will, and (b) codicils are a source of much confusion and dispute – especially where there are multiple codicils in place.

If you do not have a Lifetime Updates account and you want to update your will we would recommend you make a new will from scratch.  You can use your old will to check all of the arrangements such as beneficiaries, executors, funeral wishes and so on.  You can then copy these across.

You can also update your will without a Lifetime Updates account for 30 days following purchase (reduced to 5 days if you opt for a Print & Send service).