Protect your wishes

If you believe that any of your wishes could be legally challenged – whether the challenge has merit or not – you should do everything you can to mitigate the risk.  Challenges can be financially and emotionally devastating for those your leave behind.

For example you may be fit and healthy without any worries (real or imagined) about your mental wellbeing and memory etc. However if you believe that someone you do not mention in your will might challenge your will then you should take all reasonable precautions.  For example, an ex-spouse or disinherited family member could incorrectly claim that you suffered from dementia or blackouts.

To mitigate against this risk you should consider other avenues that your wills could be challenged.  Once you have done this you should consider whether to speak with a traditional solicitor.  Whilst more expensive and less convenient, a traditional solicitor can give you bespoke advice on mitigating the chance of challenge that is beyond the scope of our service.  They will also be able to provide extra evidence in the case of fraud or if someone destroys your will. We suggest that you always err on the side of caution.

See our guide on how to find a traditional solicitor.