How to leave different proportions

If you want to leave your Residuary Estate to more than one person you can set out whether you want the beneficiaries to inherit in equal shares or in differing proportions by using the options available on our Residuaries section.

If you want to leave everything to your partner or spouse and set out gifts to various beneficiaries who will inherit if your partner or spouse die before you please do the following. For the purpose of this example the “Primary Beneficiary” is your partner or spouse.  The “Secondary Beneficiaries” are the people you want to inherit if your partner or spouse dies before you.  In the below example we will assume you have three Secondary Beneficiaries (SB1, SB2 and SB3).  You want them to inherit 50%:25%:25% if you’re the Primary Beneficiary dies before you.

Make multiple gifts to your Primary Beneficiary.  Make one for every Secondary Beneficiary.  In our example you would make three gifts to the Primary Beneficiary.

Once you have saved these three gifts you will see the Primary Beneficiary’s name saved three times on the Residuaries page.

You will see “+what happens if this person dies before you” next to the Primary Beneficiary’s name in all three instances.  Click on this.

On the first one choose the fourth option.  Enter SB1’s name and details, click “Add” then click “Save.

Do the same on the second instance of the Primary Beneficiary’s name.  This time enter SB2’s name and details.

Then do the same on the third. Enter SB3’s name and details.

Once you’ve done this you will see an option to “specify unequal shares” underneath the third instance of the Primary Beneficiary’s name.  Set the first instane of the Primary Beneficiary’s name to 50% and the second and third instance of the Primary Beneficiary’s name to 25% each.

Once you have done that click “save these proportions”.  This will ensure that your Primary Beneficiary receives 100% of your estate if you die before them.  If they die before you the estate will be split 50:25:25 between SB1, SB2 and SB3.