Legal challenge

Your will can be challenged in the Courts after you die.  Common issues addressed by the courts are: poor drafting, care for dependents who’ve not been provided for, or concerns around mental capacity, fraud or undue influence.

The Courts will respect your authority to do as you wish with with your estate when it is right to do so.  Challenges are upheld when that this the best way of protecting you and your beneficiaries.

Challenges are expensive, time consuming and cause further stress and upset to those closest to you.

Please read our guidance very carefully to mitigate the chance of your will being challenged at Court.  You should do everything you can to protect your wishes especially if you believe there is someone you do not wish to inherit who is likely to challenge your will in the future.

If you believe that someone may challenge your will in the future you should do what you can to protect your wishes, including speaking to a traditional solicitor.  Follow our instructions to find a traditional solicitor.  A solicitor drafted will won’t be any more “legal” than an online will but they will have more traditional evidence available if your will ends up in Court.