How to cancel a will

Cancelling a will is called “revoking” it.  Wills can be revoked purposefully, or automatically.

If you want to cancel your will because your wishes have changed you can cancel the will purposefully by doing one of the following:

1. Make a new will. When you make a new will with us the first part of this new will revokes all previous wills. This stops there being any confusion as to which will should be followed in future.

2. Destroy the will with an intention to revoke it. There are two parts to this – firstly the will must be destroyed. You can do this by shredding it, tearing it up, or burning it.  The second part is that you need to make sure it’s clear that you’re doing this with the intention of revoking it.  You can make a note, put something in your diary, tell people etc.  Whatever you do – make sure that it is done clearly.

Finally, wills can be revoked automatically. This happens when you get married or form a civil partnership.

It’s worth noting that parts of your will can be rendered invalid if you divorce or if you choose the wrong witness.  All or part of the will can also be rendered invalid if the will is challenged.