Executor cost

Professional executors can charge for acting on behalf of your estate.  Traditionally professional executors charge either a percentage of your estate, an hourly rate or both.

A typical firm of solicitors can charge as much as £20,000 for an estate worth £500,000.  Digilegal Trustees charge a fixed fee for acting as executor.  Our fees range between £750 and £2,950 depending on the size and complexity of an estate.  Your other executors and beneficiaries will also benefit from the Digilegal Trustees Promise.

Digilegal Trustees will confirm the fixed fee once the scale and complexity of the estate is understood.  For example if you have an estate worth a few thousand pounds with all assets in cash in your bank account your estate will be charged the low end of the scale.  If you have a large estate with properties, shares and antiques and a large number of beneficiaries then you will be charged the upper fee of £2,950.  Your estate will also be charged valuation and professional costs in applying for probate.