Funeral plans

The cost of funerals has increased over time.  Due to the inflation of these expenses a number of companies have set up offering pre-paid funeral plans.

The Funeral Planning Authority is the body that regulates and oversees companies that do this.  Any company must reach minimum standards to be accepted to the FPA.

We have carried out extensive due diligence and research into various pre-paid funeral plans.  Our criteria range from protection of customers’ money, cancellation policies and what happens if a customer doesn’t complete all payments.

Following our research we have agreed to work with just two funeral plan providers. The Co-operative Funeralcare and Avalon Funerals.

The benefits of having a prepaid funeral are:

  • You know your loved ones will not be left footing the bill for the ceremony you want;
  • You can specify what you would like included and leave instructions to the funeral directors;
  • You fix the price of the funeral when you make the plan so you could save money in the long run (funeral prices have increased over recent years).

To talk about the options we offer and book a funeral plan then you can call today on 0207 193 2747 and ask for our Funeral Plans.  Alternatively you can email  Ask to find out about our £100 cash back offer when you call.